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Ryan Reynolds seems like one of those actors who are blatantly liked for being what they are rather than the craft itself. Surely, Reynolds is handsome, charming and has a great sense of humour but is it enough for an actor to be recognized as an actor? Well ever since his breakthrough comedy Van Wilder: Party Liaison back in 2002, it has been rather topsy-turvy for Reynolds. Breaking into the Hollywood A-Listers, only to tumble out with a movie like Green Lantern but his maturity, wry sarcasm, and doggedness have held him in good stead. Now obviously movies like Just Friends, The Proposal, The Amityville Horror and The Change-Up have a dedicated fan following they are not exactly what makes Ryan Reynolds more than Ryan Reynolds. Now I go back to my question – is there anything that requires an actor of certain pedigree to pull off? The answer is – there is and ye shall know.


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This claustrophobic nightmare by Rodrigo Cortés is definitely the best movie that Reynolds has acted in. In fact, this story of a man buried alive inside a coffin made critics sit back and notice. It made audiences uncomfortable and brought out the best of Reynolds’ acting prowess.


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This was a no-brainer as no Reynolds and Marvel’s “Merc with a Mouth” were a match made in heaven. Reynolds took to this role as a fish takes to water and his since then somehow stuck to the persona or maybe that’s just Ryan. With Tim Miller at the helm, this R-rated superhero movie made truckloads of money, had a sequel and has actually managed to make ever-so pristine Disney agree to another R-rated movie. Now that’s something. If only we could have that Wolverine and Deadpool movie starring Hugh Jackman. Come on man, you can do this.

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The Voices

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An indie movie by Marjane Satrapi is one of the most obscure works of Reynolds but nonetheless it’s up there with his best. This dark comedy with a dash of horror tells of a man who happens to have a cat and dog which talk to him. And they actually give him not the best of advice as to how to approach his crush. This quirky movie will definitely show you a side of Reynolds, you’ve never known.

Definitely, Maybe

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This Adam Brooks’ rom-com is definitely right up Reynolds’ alley. This How I Met Your Mother-Esque father-daughter story has a heart, entertainment and very natural performance from Reynolds. It is a perfect movie for those cozy-romantic evenings.

Mississippi Grind

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Yes, it’s a Reynolds’ movie. Very few have even heard of it but this happens to be a good road trip cum gambling drama movie. The film, which also features Ben Mendelsohn in a critically acclaimed role, has over time gathered a following for its nuanced take on human nature, desires and behaviour. This one surely impresses anyone who makes an effort to watch it.

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