Maisie Williams expected a different ending in Game of Thrones

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The final episode of Game of Thrones has finally aired and fans are divided over, whether the show has done justice to itself. Even George R R Martin has given a statement about the difference in vision between him and showrunners. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Martin stated, “You know, it’s complex. I’m a little sad, actually. I wish we had a few more seasons. But I understand. Dave and Dan are gonna go on to do other things, and I’m sure some of the actors were signed up for like seven or eight years, and they would like to go on and take other roles. All of that is fair. I’m not angry or anything like that, but there’s a little wistfulness in me.”

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One of the popular stars of the show, Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark, has revealed that she had a different vision of how she wanted the show to end. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Williams said she had hoped the writers would take a different approach with her character.

I wanted Arya to kill Cersei even if it means (Arya) dies too. Even up to the point when Cersei is with Jaime I thought (while reading the script), he is going to whip off his face (and reveal its Arya) and they are both going to die. I thought that’s what Arya’s drive has been.

Maisie to Entertainment Weekly

Maisie also expressed how much she wanted to work with Lena (Cersei) again, “I just wanted to be on set with Lena again, she’s good fun.”

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However, nothing like this happened and we saw Daenerys got killed by her lover Jon Snow, Bran the Broken got elected as the king of six kingdoms, North became a separate kingdom with Sansa Stark as queen, Arya went to the West of Westeros and Jon embraced the blacks as he went on to join the Night’s Watch.

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