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HBO releases the first poster of ‘House of the Dragon’, a ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel

HBO has finally released the first poster of much-awaited Game of Thrones prequel. As reported by The Hindu, HBO has given green signal to make a 10-episode first season of House of the Dragon.

On October 30, the official twitter handle of GoT shared the news by writing, “HouseOfTheDragon, a #GameofThrones prequel is coming to @HBO.” The tweet also gave us a first look poster of the said show.

As per the tweet, the series is co-created by writer George R R Martin and Ryan Condal. Miguel Sapochnik will partner with Condal as showrunner and will direct the pilot and additional episodes. Condal will be writing the series. The prequel is based on George R.R. Martin’s ‘Fire & Blood’. The series will be mainly focused on House Targaryen and ofcouse dragons.

“It’s my pleasure to announce today that we are ordering House of the Dragon straight to series for HBO,” said Casey Bloys, president of HBO programming, at a launch event in Los Angeles for the HBO Max streaming platform.

Earlier, another prequel of GoT was announced with Naomi Watts in an important role, but Deadline recently reported that HBO might have scrapped that project after test-screening the pilot episode. Although HBO hasn’t announced any release date or when the filming will begin, this show will premier on HBO’s streaming platform, HBO Max. The cable network company is yet to announce the cast.

Game of Thrones, created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss is a popular series based on the bestselling book series by George R.R. Martin.

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Game of Thrones, Finale ‘The Iron Throne’ review: And now our watch has ended

Life isn’t fair. Life in Game of Thrones world is not at all fair. Remember that always and chances of getting disappointed with this ending of the saga lessens a lot.

The finale episode begins amidst the ruins of what used to be a city called King’s Landing. The horrifying spectre of thousands of charred bodies and an aghast Tyrion, Jon and Ser Davos looking on. Grey worm executes the surviving Lannister soldiers because that’s precisely what his Queen has ordered: “Kill everyone who follows Cersei”. And is evident from her own dialogues a few scenes later, she is not one to show mercy. She declares to the Unsullied and the Dothrakis that the war ain’t over, they will wage a war on the world and “free” everyone from tyrants like they have freed the people of King’s Landing, whatever that means now.

This is Tyrion’s episode, more his than anyone else’s. The makers had sort of ruined his character in the last two seasons. But they tried to make up for it in this one I suppose. Tyrion talks straight at the Queen and defies her, throws down the pin of the Hand of the Queen. Gets locked up for freeing his brother. Accepts to Jon Snow that he had been wrong to advise and support in the making another tyrant. Even later during what was to be his trial, he stands in chains in front of the representatives of all houses, and again advises them to choose a worthy King to rule the seven kingdoms. Tyrion is the one who suggests that Bran be made the king because what unites people are stories- not armies, flags, or gold- and Bran has access to all the stories. You might like it, you might be disappointed with the choice of the king, but this is where things were leading up to: a king with no interest in ruling, one who will never beget children, hence the throne remains open to election again and again, everytime; “breaking the wheel” as they call it. I personally do not think Bran deserved to be the king. A Lannister had taken Ned Stark’s head, a Lannister had pushed Bran off the tower, the Lannisters were indirectly involved in Catelyn Stark and Rob Stark losing their lives, it’s only fair that another Lannister makes Bran the king. Calling him Bran the Broken too seems apt because what Tyrion had always been heard saying is that wear your weakness like an armour and people won’t be able to hurt you.

We were all pretty sure Daenarys was dying in this episode, the moment she unleashed her wrath and wreaked havoc on King’s Landing. Her death, like most deaths in this season didn’t really shock us. We almost guessed she would die in the hands of Jon Snow (can he be called a ‘Queen Slayer’ now?), but unlike Jaime (the original King Slayer) he doesn’t strike her in the back. She died embracing Jon while a knife went through her heart, literally and metaphorically. Talking of metaphors, Drogon burns down and melts the Iron throne, the one thing for which all this fighting was for, the one thing that Daenarys wanted all her life, and when she had it she couldn’t even sit on it. The very metaphor of power and tyranny melting down the stairs leading up to it was a sight to behold. And the journey of the throne also comes a full circle as it was forged with a 1000 swords of the enemies by the breath of Balerion the Dread (Aegon the conqueror’s dragon). Drogon mourns, screeches, breathes fire, picks up Dany and flies off to Valyria; that is what his direction of flight suggests. We’re not given an exact destination, but it seems very likely that Drogon is flying to Essos (someone mentions he was last seen flying towards the East), the origins of the Targaryen line in Old Valyria. 

The CGI was top-notch and cinematography was spectacular this entire season and this episode was no different. Specially the scene where Daenarys is walking forward to speak to her men and Drogon flaps his wings behind her, creating the illusion of her being a dragon herself. And also black wings signify ‘Fallen Angels’. Lucifer, the brightest of all angels fell from grace and became Satan, the devil himself. Need I say more?

And in the end, “the pack survives”. We may or may not like how they do, but what better ending could there be for the Starks? Arya was never meant to be a lady, she has been seeing the world alone, on her own, fighting her way in unknown cities, all her life. And she chooses that life over sitting on elevated pedestals, judging people or ruling over them. Sansa, the smartest of the Starks, she truly deserved to rule the North. She started off as a seemingly stupid teenager, she survived alone amidst enemies, she saved Winterfell in the Battle of the Bastards, she has grown up to be the most intelligent and prudent of them all. Bran survives the fall and much more. And Jon unites with Ghost: the most satisfying thing to happen.

Now, I started the article by saying life isn’t fair. I said that because that is what we feel when we look at how Jon’s story came to be. He started with nothing and ended with nothing again. He started as the bastard of Ned Stark, embraced the blacks as he went on to join the Night’s Watch, knew nothing about his parentage (as Ygritte would say he knows nothing for most of the time), then came to know about it, didn’t ever claim anything that could have been rightfully his, and was sent back to the Night’s Watch where he would spend the rest of his life, will possess no lands, will father no children. From nothing to nothing, life came a full circle for him. Though it seems extremely unfair, but such is life. No one said it has to be fair. We didn’t get a fair ending to years of dedication perhaps, nor did Jon Snow.

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